Why LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium 7-26-2015

Does it make sense to invest in one of LinkedIn’s Premium products? As you might imagine, it depends on your situation and goals. If you are a sales professional or a recruiter LinkedIn’s Sales and Recruitment products are a great investment. Otherwise, I suggest getting the most out of LinkedIn’s free version before investing in the paid product.
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Who Should I Connect With on LinkedIn?

How do you determine who you should connect with when doing professional networking? Connecting with others is easier than ever which, like many things, is a double edged sword. It is great that social media provides more channels through which you can reach those you want to meet, but it is also easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of choices available to you. In addition, you can quickly build a large network of people who can only be of marginal help to you (and vice versa) which makes it more difficult to keep up with those who can help you the most. [Read more…]

Using LinkedIn for Career Advancement

Perhaps you’ve used LinkedIn to find a new position and you want to get up to speed quickly. Or maybe you have been in your current position for awhile and would like to move your career to the next level at your company. How can LinkedIn help you become more effective in your current position? [Read more…]

The Business Case for Using LinkedIn


Global network dreamstime_17879071

LinkedIn routinely gets mentioned in the same breath as other social media platforms, but is distinctly different from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. Conceived as a professional network rather than a social network, LinkedIn has stayed true to its mission of helping the world’s professionals become more productive and successful.  [Read more…]

How to Set Up a Referral System

Many books have been writing on the topic of referrals, this will simply be a summary of some tips that can help you get started and considerations to think about.

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