7 Powerful Sales Navigator Features for B2B Sales Success

Sales Navigator empowers sales professionals to become more productive in their daily activities. Here are seven features of this tool that can propel your B2B sales efforts:

  • Sales Navigator User Interface: Sales Navigator’s user interface is tailored to help you prioritize your highest value sales activities. It ensures that you don’t get distracted by extraneous information found on the regular LinkedIn newsfeed. By customizing your homepage activities based on saved accounts and leads, it keeps you focused on potential sales opportunities.
  • Alerts: Sales Navigator offers a range of alerts related to accounts and leads, including news, growth, and risk alerts. These alerts help you stay informed about changes and developments in your target accounts and contacts, enabling you to initiate timely and relevant conversations.
  • Filters: Sales Navigator provides advanced filters that go beyond what’s available in the free version of LinkedIn. Filters such as “recent posts,” “company size,” and “buyer intent” allow you to refine your search results and identify the most promising prospects.
  • Save Searches: Sales Navigator enables you to save up to 50 lead and account searches, helping you keep track of your ideal prospects. You are notified when new results match your criteria.
  • Lead Lists: You can organize your leads into lists, making it easier to manage and engage with specific groups of prospects. This feature is particularly useful for nurturing relationships with different categories of leads, such as current clients, potential clients, and influencers.
  • Relationship Explorer: This tool helps you map decision-makers within an account and understand their roles and connections, allowing you to build a comprehensive strategy for engaging with key stakeholders.
  • Smart Links: Smart Links is a powerful content-sharing tool that allows you to send large files and resources to prospects without the limitations of email. It also provides valuable insights into who is engaging with your content  giving you a deeper understanding of your prospects’ interests.

These seven Sales Navigator features are just the tip of the iceberg, and the tool continues to evolve to meet the needs of B2B sales professionals. By mastering these features, you can gain a competitive edge and increase your chances of success in the world of B2B sales.

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