Social Selling Training & Workshops

The internet and social media have given rise to changes in buyer behavior that make it necessary for sales professionals to adopt new sales processes in order to succeed today. I provide the following services to help those in sales and business development increase their sales performance.

Have you ever wished you could spend more time selling and less time prospecting for leads?

Imagine how much bigger your commission checks would be if you could spend more time face-to-face with your best prospects?

Have you ever lost a deal because your competitor got in before you even though yours was the better solution?

Find out how to get your prospects to contact you and leverage social media to boost your sales results.

Social Selling training

Objective: learn how to use social media to increase your sales productivity

  • Set up effective social profiles on LinkedIn and other relevant platforms
  • Build your LinkedIn network
  • Understand how to use social media at different stages of sales process
  • Find and connect with qualified prospects
  • Finding business intelligence on prospects, competitors and your industry
  • Preparing for sales calls
  • Nurturing relationships
  • Retaining customers
  • Content marketing and positioning strategies
  • Establish a regular social selling routine

For a free online demo of social selling techniques, please contact me at: or 1-908-463-3485.